Examples Of Simple Past Tense

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Past tense
Past tense

Simple past is used to describe an action those started in the past and got over in the past. It has nothing to do with the present. Only one thing we need to do in present is explained that past event. Regular English verbs form the simple past in -ed unless it is an irregular verb. That means subject + past form of a verb. In this blog, you could find 10 examples of simple past tense.

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      • I helped.
      • We helped.

Expanded :

      • I did help.
      • He did help.

Question :

      • Did I help?
      • Did we help?


      • I did not help.
      • We didn’t help.

Negative question:

      • Did you not help?
      • Didn’t I help?

The simple past is used when the event happened at a particular time in the past. So if we have following time makers, we have to use simple past. Then read 10 examples of simple past tense with this time makers.

      • Yesterday.
      • Last year/ month/week.
      • When.
      • Just now.
      • The other day.
      • Ago.

10 Examples of Simple Past Tense:

With Yesterday:

      1. Yesterday, I broke his teeth.
      2. Yesterday, he came early.
      3. Yesterday, she ate two eggs.
      4. Yesterday, she drank water.
      5. Yesterday, he drove the bus at hundred kilometers.
      6. Yesterday, I fell down the stairs.
      7. Yesterday, she went very late.
      8. Yesterday, they returned home very late.
      9. Yesterday, I did my homework.
      10. Yesterday, I heard a noise from my computer.

Last year/ month/week:

      1. Last year, I was in the USA.
      2. Last year, she became a doctor.
      3. I watched three movies last week.
      4. Last week, I bought a new book.
      5. Last month, she drew a picture.
      6. Last month, he gave some money to his friend.
      7. Last year, I did one course in AI.
      8. Last year, I saw a movie.
      9. Last week, I went shopping.
      10. Last week, we sold our car.
      11. Last week, I spoke to her.
      12. Last Monday, I went to Delhi by Indian rail to give my final year exam.

Simple past tense example with When:

      1. I ate three eggs when I was five years old
      2. I ate five cookies when I broke up with my girlfriend.
      3. She always played cricket after school, when she was a kid.
      4. I read English news when I was a child.
      5. She ate vegetables when she lived in Tibet.

More examples Of Simple Past Tense:

      1. She watched a movie last night.
      2. My mobile rung a few minutes ago.
      3. I went to Bangalore last month.
      4. He chopped the vegetables.
      5. She boiled the water.
      6. We cooked vegetables.
      7. We booked our hotel, packed our bags and took a taxi to the bus stand.
      8. He lived in the USA for three years.
      9. She stayed at the railway station for one hour.
      10. She waited there all day.
      11. We studied all week.
      12. They usually took a taxi to the office.
      13. She was a very cute baby.
      14. She was a great student.
      15. He was very popular in college.
      16. We were excellent students.
      17. She ate an egg.
      18. He drank water.
      19. They fought each other.
      20. We found the new parking area.
      21. They were lost.
      22. Five years ago, I moved to Bangalore.
      23. Three years ago, I went to Darjeeling.
      24. Three days ago, I drunk water.
      25. Just now, I ate an apple.
      26. Just now, they went.
      27. The other day, I cooked vegetables.
      28. Just now, we recorded a video.
      29. Just now, we made a video.
      30. In 2002, I was a kid.
      31. In 2010, I completed my graduation.
      32. In 2011, I finished my university.

Yes / No Question statement :

      1. Did she eat an egg?
      2. Did he drink water?
      3. Did they fight each other?
      4. Did we find new parking area?
      5. Were they lost?

Answer with yes:

      • Yes, she did.
      • Yes, he did.
      • Yes, They did.
      • Yes, we did.
      • Yes, they were.

Answer with no:

      • No, she didn’t.
      • No, he didn’t.
      • No, They didn’t.
      • No, we didn’t.
      • No, they weren’t.

Detailed Question statement :

      1. When did she eat an egg?
      2. When did he drink water?
      3. Whey were they lost?
      4. Where did we find new parking area?
      5. Where were they lost?


      • Yesterday she ate an egg.
      • Last week, he drunk water.
      • They were lost because they had the wrong map.
      • They were lost in Bangalore.

Question Statement With Who & What :

      1. Who ate an egg?
      2. Who drunk water?
      3. What was lost?

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