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Now what we are going to do is, take an exercise. It is very simple. Just click on the Start button, start answering to questions. Command your score below, So that we could try to understand your learning experience and we could improve our materials . for example, if you could solve all these words without any error it means you are expert or our exercise is so simple.

Intermediate Level -Test your understanding In Vocabularies. 

Learning Vocabularies:

Learning Vocabularies is always very challenging part of our life.  There are so many methods are there to learn English. But you could learn only 5 to 10 words. Sometimes you may learn 50 words, but we can’t keep consistency by learning words. The only thing we could learn words in bulk. I believe this will work. With this technique, you could learn 100’s of new words in each day.

I already wrote an article regarding this.  It is very simple. learn words from groups and prepare any story or an article with that words. That means study vocabulary in context and don’t by hart it.

The second method is to read a newspaper. Read and read, but not passive reading. What is that meaning? If you read a paragraph there might be few words which you already know. With that words, you could guess all the remaining words. But sometime it will be difficult because it won’t give exact meaning. So if you find any difficult word, get that meaning understand contest.

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For example, you want to learn following 15 words. Now first you should read the meaning of each word. There might be multiple meaning, some of them will be irrelevant for this set (Internet).  Anyway, I’m not going to More details here. If you want to read more about this words and its meaning please read basic internet vocabulary.

All this are Internet Vocabulary:

  1. Antivirus:
    1. It is a software program intended to prevent your computer form computer virus. Examples are Mcafee and AVG.
  2. Virus:
    1. a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect. It is a software or malicious program produced to make some destruction to some computer or organization.
  3. Broadband:
    1. High-speed internet connection. Example: BSNL broadband connection plan is very cheap.
  4. Cookie:
    1. Cookies are used to understand user behavior.
  5. Domain Name:
    1. It is the name of a website. For example, https://tipsielts.com/ is the Domain Name our website.
  6. Download:
    1. Copying files from internet.
  7. Password:
    1. A secret word used to protect user privacy. It is required to access your online account like facebook and Gmail.
  8. Portal:
    1. Portal is a term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site.
  9. Search Engine:
    1. A computer program used to find the best website for a given keyword. Example: Google.com
  10. Spam:
    1. Just like a virus, this is also a malicious program.
  11. Host:
    1. A server we use to upload our website. Example: bigrook.com
  12. Cyberspace:
    1. The virtual space created by interconnected computers and computer networks on the Internet.
  13. Blog:
    1. A website. https://tipsielts.com is a blog dedicated to English learning and IELTS.
  14. Binary:
    1. A number system with 0 and 1.
  15. Firewall:
    1. A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. 

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