About Us

About Us:

We are a team of three website developers including UI developer and SEO specialist. Our main aim is to provide quality content for those who want to improve their English communication skills. It is purely an educational website. We will provide different tips and tricks for learning English grammar. You could find many posts to improve your English vocabularies. Most of the blog post is written in English.

About Me:

Hi, my name is Sarafudheen but I’m usually known as Sarafu. I’m a Learning IELTS from Bangalore and a graduate of the Cochin University, Kerala. I have been learning and teaching for about 3 years and for the last one year I have specialized, exclusively in IELTS. I have completed my basic training in Bangalore in 2015. Since then, I have taught in a number of groups.

I need to complete my IELTS Training. I currently live in the Bangalore and work part-time on this site. My aim is to continue providing you with good quality lessons, tips, and advice to help you with your IELTS.

You Can find our contact info in contact page.

About our website:

Our aim is to share Tips and tricks(IELTS Exam) with the world so that the life could make easier. We believe in sharing, helping others without monetary things. This website is only created for helping people students who is preparing any English exam.