Advantages And Disadvantages Of Robots

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)


It is an industrial revolution. A robot is a programmable device. It can perform some actions according to a program installed on it. Some of them can be controlled by an external control device and for some robots, control may be embedded within. Robots can be autonomous or semi-autonomous.

The main use of robots:

The advantages of robots are innumerable. There is a much useful application for robots. Some of the most common are listed below.

  1. In medical field.
  2. In sports.
  3. Security systems automation
  4. In agriculture and food industry
  5. space exploration.
  6. In banking.
  7. In business.
  8. As toys.
  9. In manufacturing.
  10. In Healthcare and Medical.
  11. marine research.
  12. In manufacturing.

Advantages of robots:

Now machine uses artificial intelligence, and hence they could respond naturally, like a human being. Robots are widely used in developed countries like Japan and China. Application of robots will improve the working efficiency and accuracy drastically. Another merit is that robots can take the place of human beings such as space without food and air (it only need enough power) and any dangerous environment (in the presence of toxic gas or water). Robots can work in any kind of situation, no matter how awful the environment is.They reduce waste and produce a good quality product with fewer defects.

So what makes robots unique. Well, it is a machine, so it won’t feel any tiredness. It can work 24 by 7 without any problem. So compare to human, the productivity of robots will be very high. Not just accuracy but also they can respond very fast. It can respond hundred times faster than human depending upon its design.

Now we are implementing artificial intelligence with the help of modern computer programs like Python, Prolog, and C++. So they could understand and learn new things. They could update its knowledge and they could perform even better. They are capable of learning new things. These things make them as the most important parts for human beings.

With this two capability, we could use robots in a wide range of places, from simple farm to space, from the kitchen to football ground. The main area of application of robots in agriculture today are harvesting stage, weed control, cloud seeding, planting seeds and environmental monitoring. A wide range of robots is being developed to serve in a variety of roles in all the fields.

Application of robots is very economical, as it required low cost compare to labor charges. But it requires a huge initial investment. We could design any a robots according to its application. It might be small or large depending upon its use.

Disadvantages of robots:

All the robots and other intelligent machines are designed by human beings. They work according to the instruction stored in their microprocessor. And everything is designed by human beings. So if there is an error in the program or if there is an error in the electric circulate it won’t perform well. It might make mistakes and error

Next thing it can reduce many of the repetitive task, especially less intelligence and human interaction required.  which might result in the financial crisis as the people might lose jobs. This might effect especially for menial workers. Second thing robots need a constant power supply. This is also an important point we need to take care. Third part initial investment and efforts required to use a robot It required big initial investment. It requires lots of efforts to test and implement error-free robots before we start to use in production environment. Maintenance cost is also very high for robots.

Apart all this listed, most dangerous part is artificial intelligence. If it goes wrong it may cause the destruction.

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