How to Improve English Writing And Spelling

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

Is it hard to become a good speller? How to improve English writing spelling mistakes, that is what we are going to discuss here. Students often lose marks for spelling words incorrectly. In IELTS exam, it’s very important to give correct spelling. In the writing, reading, and listening modules of the IELTS, if you wrote January instead of January, its marked as wrong, even though the spelling is correct. listening and reading the part you may need to write two or three words, and if you make a single spelling mistake, you won’t get any mark.

The best way is, by-hart some of the common spelling. Search on google for commonly asking names for IELTS Exam. Just search for “common men’s names IELTS” in google. This will give you some of the sites with a detailed explanation of commonly asking men’s names. “Common girls names IELTS” Will give you frequently asked women names. But it is impossible to by-hart entire dictionary. So in this blog, I will explain following steps to learn the spelling of a word. Step one and two are almost same.

  1. Commonly misspelled words.
  2. Make a list of the words.
  3. Learn a few rules for each group.
  4. Use mnemonics.

 Commonly Misspelled Words :

There are thousands of words are there. Most of the word we will spell correctly.Find your spelling mistakes is the first task. First, you need to make a list of words both its correct spelling and wrong spelling. You do this by checking your own writing. If you are a student, you write a lot. If you work, you may write email or reports. So each day writes something, find out your spelling mistakes.Try to use office word, which will list each spelling mistakes. For example, consider the word spelling. You may write this word as speeling. So, in that case, /write it as.
MisspellingCorrect Spelling
alot.a lot.
differnt. differant.different.

Try to make a list of 25 words each day. Sometimes you may misspell the same word in two or three different way. Please make a note of this too. Let’s start with three words.

Misspelling.Correct Spelling.
succedes , sucssed.succeed.
procedes, prosced, proside, procceed.proceed.
excceed, exced, exceede, eceed, exceded.exceed.

All these words are ending in “ceed”. This is the three words ending in ceed. All other words end in similar sound are cede, except supersede. Click here for more words.


 Make a list of the words:

The above method is difficult to learn, learning correct spelling and corresponding wrong spelling will be a very difficult task. So make another list. This time we will try to group words into different categories.

Words ending with cede.
Words with ie.
Words with ei.

Learn a few rules For each Group:

After preparing words groups we need to create a rule. Anyone of normal intelligence can become a good speller if he learns some basic rules. Actually, we misspell the word about the same way. To learn how to use ei and ie in a word click here.

Vowel sound: Use one vowel to make a short vowel sound, for example, dog and use two vowels together,  to make a long vowel sound like weak. First, we are learning where we should double the consonant. Consider the word big. How many syllables do you think this word has. Syllables mean vowels sound or a number of vowels in a word. Vowels mean a, e, i, o, u. So let’s see some of the single syllable words. Dog, big, run, cat, sit. You could find a number of words. Now let’s check few two syllables words. Enter is the best example. Quiet is also an example of two syllables word.

Now let’s look at the word “big”. Big has one syllable. It contains one vowel “i”. This word ends in one consonant. In this case, just double this consonant. Which means big into bigger or biggest, run into running and stop will become stopped.

There are few exceptions. If a word ending in W, X, or Y, in this case, we do not double the last letter.

SyllableWord 1Word 2

When there are two syllables, we need to stress. We have two syllables and we need to stress one. Sometimes we need to stress first syllables. Here we don’t need to double the consonant. So whenever a word has first syllables stressed and if it is a two syllables word and if it ends in vowel and consonant pair we do not double the last letters. So enter will be entering and not entering.

Whenever the stress is on first syllables we don’t need to double the last consonant.

SyllableWord 1Word 2

Sometimes we need to stress last syllables. In this case, also we don’t need to double the consonant. So whenever a word has last syllables stressed and if it is a two syllables word and if it ends in vowel and consonant pair we need to double the last letters.

SyllableWord 1Word 2

Use mnemonics:

Most effective ways to learn to spell is to train your memory by means of association, mnemonics. Although if you try to remember too many mnemonics then you will probably end up confusing yourself. I will try to list some of the best mnemonics to memories all these groups listed above.

For example, we could use SPEED to memories words ending with ceed. Make a note that, the initial letters form the beginning of speed.( succeed, proceed and exceed). All these words are ends in ceed and this is the only words ends in ceed. You could use a rat to remember word “comparative” as well as “separate”. “a piece of pie” you could use to remember piece.

To avoid confusion between hear and here use the mnemonic “we hear with our ear”.Another example is all right or alright. I’m not going into details. All right is the only acceptable form of writing. Just remember its a two word with opposite meaning of all wrong.  Alright is used in informal writing (commonly). If you want to more about all right vs alright click here. This will explain is it interchangeable or not.

Stationery vs stationary is just one letter off but changes the meaning of these words entirely. It’s very easy to remember the exact spelling of this words. Just check the meaning of each word. According to Cambridge dictionary, stationery is the things needed for writing, such as pens, pencils, and paper.Just make a notice the er in a paper. Stationary means not moving or standing. Take a note of an in the word stand. When it comes to mnemonics, try to use simpler and more memorable mnemonics, that will give great results. 

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