Vocabularies To Describe a person’s character In IELTS

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

In this post, I will try to list five rare characteristics of people. In IELTS you could expect a question like “Describe a person’s character” or “Explain e person and his character”. so you could explain a person with this any one of this character.

  1. Egoistic.
  2. Egotist.
  3. Altruist.
  4. Ascetic.
  5. Atheist.

This is not a common characteristic, but still, you could see people with this character around you. So what makes them different. Why they different from each other. Let’s see each of them one by one.

Egoistic People:

Those people they always worried about their problems. They always think about ” how a situation effects them”, they don’t care about others. You could find similar kinds of people everywhere. Assume Ramu is an egoist. Then he might think “Is is profit for me or loss”. He always decides something based on this profit and loss statement. He doesn’t care how badly it might affect others or environment.

If you get into an argument with an egoist, just avoid the argument because you’ll never win the argument. The best advice is to avoid having to deal with an egoist in the first place itself. Always think about what needs you are fulfilling by partnering with an egoist. The egotist feels superior to others physically or intellectually.

Read about 10 ways to avoid having to deal with an egoist.

Egotistic People:

They also look like egoistic, the only difference is they are not selfish. They always talk about their achievement. I have done this and that, I bought new car and house. I succeed in all the exams. They always try to show that they have done something extraordinary. You could see similar characteristic everywhere in the society, especially in politics.

Read about the difference between egotism and egoism.

Altruist People  (opposed to egoist):

They are the opposite characteristic of egoistic people. If a person interested in the welfare of others you could call them altruist. They always show “Let me help you” characteristic. This is not a common character of people, but still, you could see people with very helping mentality. So you could say altruist is not selfish.

Ascetic People:

They do not like any luxury life, they want to be simple as much as possible. They do not pursue the pleasure of life. They want to be normal life or they live a lonely life self-denial. These are the characteristic of good life. A simple life.

Atheist People:

They don’t believe in god. Most of the people are religious, They believe in a god and they try to follow some books or traditions. But an atheist doesn’t believe in any god, They always believe something based on evidence and science. You won’t find many atheists. But there are few people who follow this character.


This is the few rare characteristic people. If you want to learn more about vocabularies  I would recommend “Word Power Made Easy” written by Norman Lewis. I will try to wrote one more article about a most common characteristic of people.

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