Vocabularies To Describe A Person You Met Recently IELTS

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

It often asks you to describe a person you met recently and his character. So in this post, I will try to explain a six common characters of people around you. But I won’t go deep into vocabularies. I will try to explain six common characters of people. One of which might by chance be your own. Let us start our personality types article with a list.

  1. An introvert.
  2. An extrovert.
  3. An ambivert.
  4. A misanthrope.
  5. A misogynist.
  6. A misogamist.

An introvert:

A person who always worried about what people might think about him. They follow leave me alone attitude. They always worried about people around them. Do they like it?, did I made any mistakes? and How do I look like?. In reality, people won’t care much. They have enough problems. But still, some people worried about people around them. They turn thoughts inwards and not outwards.

An extrovert:

Its an opposite character of introverts. They sincerely interspersed in others problems. They have habits of ” Let’s solve it together” or “Let’s do it”. In this case, your whole thoughts and your interest are not turned inwards but they all are turned outwards.

An ambivert:

A normal people. Neither introvert nor extrovert. A person with both character. Your character depends on time and situation and opportunities. Most of the people belong to this characters. They follow the characteristic of the society they live. So you could say it is equally inwards and outwards.

A misanthrope:

This kind of people doesn’t like other people. they always say people are good for nothing. They hate everyone. They are not very common, but still, you could see this kind of people around you.

A misogynist:

They are very similar to a misanthrope. They hate people but only women. They say “women are no damn good”. This also not a common character, but still, in your life, you might have an experience with this character. They always complainant about women. They might say they don’t know how to drive or how to manage.

A misogamist:

They don’t like marriage. They always try to avoid marriage. But I don’t think you will find many such people. There are few people who hate marriage and we could say they are misogamist. That’s it.


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