20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2018)

Simple Present Tense:

If You don’t know when to use simple present then please read the full article about Present Tense. In This blog, I will list four set of “20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense”. All this example are easy to understand.

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Simple present tense is used to explain.

  • For explaining a habit or explaining a repeating event.
  • For fixed arrangements or explaining the unchanging situation.
  • Explaining general truth.
  • For instructions and directions.

First Ste Of 20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense:

  1. She eats chocolates every day.

  2. He eats biscuits at snacks.

  3. Ramu visits his parents on weekends.(Ramu is visiting his parents on weekends is wrong).

  4. I wake up at 6.30 am.

  5. They go to work by car.

  6. I go for a swim every morning.

  7. I take my daughter for a walk in the park near my house.

  8. She drinks coffee at breakfast.

  9. I drink tea every morning.

  10. We eat lunch at a pizza restaurant.

  11. I come home by wan.

  12. She reads newspapers every day.

  13. Usually, I spend some time with my family.

  14. We go to the beach on holiday.

  15. I watch new movies once a week.

  16. I watch movies with my family.

  17. They always play computer games.

  18. Normally I shop at the mall.

  19. I smoke a cigarette every day, but she does not smoke.

  20. I like cricket.

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Second Set of 20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense:

  1. Open the packet and pour the sugar into milk.

  2. You take the No.335 E bus to ITPL and then the No.304 bus to Whitefield.

  3. Go straight on this road.

  4. Take a left.

  5. Wait for 10 minutes.

  6. One plus two is three.

  7. Four minus two is two.

  8. The sun sets in the west.

  9. I usually go swimming at the weekend with my uncle in the swimming pool near my house.

  10. I really love volleyball.

  11. We play volleyball every evening in a barren land near to my house.

  12. My sister loves to play volleyball.

  13. I usually wake at 8 AM.

  14. We avoid nonvegetarian food.
  15. I don’t like ice cream, but she likes chocolate ice cream.

  16. I love black tea.

  17. They don’t want a big house.

  18. I like listening to music.

  19. We like ice cream.

  20. I have a big house.

Third Set Of 20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense:

  1. She has a big family.

  2. I love my family.
  3. I want a sports car.

  4. I need a new car.

  5. The movie starts at 5 pm.

  6. The plane departs at 2 PM.

  7. Next month is January.

  8. Tomorrow is Monday.

  9. The meeting starts at 3 PM.

  10. I can swim in the ocean.

  11. I can read English as well as Hindi.

  12. She can write Malayalam.

  13. I can speak English.

  14. I cannot speak Chinese.

  15. She is a software engineer.
  16. I am a teacher.

  17. We are students.

  18. He is a driver.

  19. It is very beautiful.

  20. They are from Japan.

Fourth Set of 20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense:

  1. He is eleven years old.

  2. She is black.

  3. She is very beautiful.

  4. He is a tall guy.

  5. It looks amazing.

  6. I feel bored.

  7. She feels tired.

  8. That sounds good.

  9. It smells delicious.

  10. I always eat fruits.

  11. She always reads books.

  12. They always listen to music.

  13. You always miss the train.

  14. They always come late.

  15. I often wake up at 6 am.

  16. They often go to office by car.

  17. We often play football.

  18. They often follow traffic rules.

  19. You often do jobs in a hurry.

  20. I sometimes watch TV.

    The final set of 20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense:

  1. You often do jobs in a hurry.

  2. I sometimes watch TV.

  3. She sometimes cooks dinner.

  4. He sometimes plays cricket.

  5. They sometimes go for jogging.

  6. We sometimes shop at the mall.

  7. I never read newspapers.

  8. I never write letters.

  9. He never goes for jogging.

  10. She never listens to anyone.

  11. They never drink tea.

  12. We celebrate independence day on 15th August.

  13. I watch a new movie once a week.

  14. We connect internet by phone or modem.

  15. I watch TV every day at my house.

  16. I watch movies almost every day.

  17. She reads a newspaper every day.

  18. We always read books.

  19. Rahul goes to cinema by walk.

  20. We go to the cinema by car.

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