Holiday Vocabulary

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

Let’s see some of the important words and examples related to holidays. Here we will list 20 common holiday vocabulary words.

Another word for holidays are:


  • Break,
  • Rest,
  • Respite.

Opposite of holiday are:

  • Workday.
  • Errand.

Travel And Tourism Vocabulary List:

  1. Accommodation– a room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay.
    1. ‘they were living in temporary accommodation’.
    2. What kind of accommodation is available in the Bangalore?
    3. The manager reluctantly made an accommodation for the vegetarian diner.
    4. The company provided temporary accommodation for all new joiners.
  2. All inclusive- including everything or everyone.
    1. Which are the spectacular All-Inclusive Resorts in Bangalore?
    2. Let’s see how to Plan an Amazing All-Inclusive Vacation.
    3. Different ways to get the most value from your all-inclusive vacation.
    4. SELAH continues plans for an all-inclusive park.
  3. Half Board – your breakfast and evening meal is included in the price you have paid for your accommodation.
    1. Unless otherwise stated, prices are per person based on two sharing, halfboard, plus include flights and transfers for seven days.
    2. Breakfast is included in the room rate, and you can opt for half-board too.
  4. Full Board -breakfast, lunch and evening meals are included in the price you have paid for your accommodation.
    1. holidays including Half Board and Full Board meal arrangements.
  5. Self catering-of a holiday or accommodation offering facilities for people to cook their own meals.
    1. Selfcatering accommodation for three weeks and longer is available in some of the resorts.
    2. The hostel is self-catering with a ground floor communal dining room.
    3. Selfcatering is not a good option at White Mountain,
    4. There are a number of hostels and self-catering apartments in Bangalore, which make it easier to find cheap accommodation in this town.
    5. I usually try to go self-catering when I travel (so I can cook and not drink bar fridge wine)
  6. Safari– It often refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and sight-seeing as well.
    1. Africa may have a lock on our collective imagination when it comes to safaris.
    2. African safaris are costly, but the price is always worth it when you prefer good food.
    3. San Diego Zoo Safari Park or San Diego Zoo sweepstakes is open to residents of the State of Arizona.
    4. Visitors photograph elephants during a photo safari at Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Wayanad.
    5. The jungle safari begins around 9 am.
  7. Guided tours – A tour of a historic site or place of interest conducted by a guide.
    1. There you could take private guided tours of some remarkable horticultural attractions.
    2. Guided tours of New and Old Delhi, Agra, and the Taj Mahal are available now.
    3. Redesigned Google Earth adds guided tours, 3D views.
    4. The museum also provides guided tours to the visitors,
    5. There will be guided tours at 10 am.
  8. Package holidays – A holiday organized by a travel agent, with arrangements for transport, accommodation, etc., made at an inclusive price.
    1. These included an effective ban on Russian package holidays to Turkey.
    2. ABC travel agency is offering package holidays for people.
    3. The advent of cheap package holidays in the 1980s has led to an increase in the rates of deadly skin cancer.
    4. The main problem is that travelers on package holidays aren’t actually contributing much.
    5. Bangalore. A popular destination for package holidays.
  9. Long weekend– A holiday period that includes one or more of the days preceding or following a weekend, in addition to the Saturday and Sunday.
    1. What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?
    2. What about traffic jams during the long weekend?
    3. Beach safety over the long weekend.
    4. We want everybody to enjoy the long weekend.
    5. Hiking is the ultimate long weekend activity.
  10. Breathtaking– Extremely exciting, beautiful, or surprising.
    1. On clear days, Sunrise provides breathtaking views and nearly 360-degree vistas of the valley, River.
    2. You could see this 6 Breathtaking Pictures Of Halloween.
    3. Such breathtaking news takes only a few seconds to go viral.
    4. A guided tour of the breathtaking ruins including Bayon Temple, An elephant safari, the Amber Fort.
    5. This region is full of breathtaking vistas, endless plains and an abundance of wildlife.
  11. Picturesque– visually attractive, especially in a quaint or pretty style.
  12. Hordes of the tourists-a large group, multitude, number, etc.; a mass or crowd.
  13. Stunning– Extremely impressive or attractive.
  14. Landscape– All the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal.
  15. Charter flights(plural noun: charter flights)-a flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific trip, not part of an airline’s regular schedule.
  16. Departure- the action of leaving, typically to start a journey.
  17. Short break- a short holiday.
  18. Tourist trap- somewhere where too many tourists go.
  19. Youth hostel- a cheap form of accommodation.
  20. Check-in desk- the place at the airport where you register for your flight and deposit your luggage.

Summer Vocabulary Word List:

Please Commend your Sample statements with bellow words.

  1. heat.
  2. hiking.
  3. hot.
  4. humidity.
  5. camp.
  6. warm weather.
  7. beach.
  8. boating.
  9. swim.
  10. swimsuit.

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