How Do You Usually Travel To Work?

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

We could expect this question in our IELTS Speaking task 1. Let’s see how to answer this question.

If you are traveling by bus or train, then you could say ”

I usually drive to work because I work in several different locations and it’s not easy to use the bus or train to get to where I want to go.” ,

or you could say

“I usually travel to office by bus, because as I see it going by bus not only saves money but also is safe. Besides, buses make you avoid sunshine and dust when you are outside. Moreover, riding a bus takes less time to reach the destination. Therefore, if I have many options such as a motorbike, taxi, bus or so on, I still choose the bus. It is the best choice for me.”

And if you are traveling by car, then You could say.

“I prefer to travel by car because it means that I have my own space.

Also, the buses and trains in my city are usually overcrowded, my car is much more comfortable.”

also, you could add points like,

“My work requires me to drive to several schools each day.

The only way I can get to these schools is to drive my car.

There seems no way to improve my mode of transportation”

If you are using motorbikes, then you could say,

“like me, most people in my area usually travel to work with motorbikes.

It seems that the motorbikes are the vehicle that are popular in my country because of its flexibility.

Besides, although affluent persons can use individual cars in order to travel to work,

it is really not common in my country as other developed countries.

adverbs of frequency: most of the time, occasionally, once in a blue moon.

Mode of transposition in your country:

If someone asks you about the transportation in your country, you could say,

  1. Most people in America drive their car to work every day.
  2. Most people in India prefer public transportation. Public transport remains the primary mode of transport for most Indian.
  3. People in Europe prefer riding a bicycle.
  4. Most people in Japan walk to the office.

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