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Where Do You Live:

In IELTS You may get this kind of question,

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you live in a small town or big city or any remote village?

So now we have one big problem. You can expect this questions from a Job interview also. But how to answer it. Actually answering this is not a big deal. We will start from basic, and see how to give detailed explanations about our village or town.

First few statements. 

  • I live in a city.
  • I live in a village.
  • Or I live in a town.

No need to use this three statements, Just use either one depending on where you are actually living. With this three statements, we cant expect our answer is 100% complete and we answered this question.  So what we do, how we could expand this answer. Well we could say name of the of the place or we could explain how big it is

  • I live in Bangalore, it is the capital of Karnataka.
  • I live in Mumbai, it’s a huge city.
  • My hometown is Cairo which is the capital and largest city of Egypt.
  • I live in a tiny village, it’s call Vythiri.
  • I live in Goa, which is a small town by the sea.

Add More Details:

You could explain either of the following or all of them.

  • What’s your home town famous for?
  • How long have you lived there ?

So lets give some more details, like

  • I live in Bangalore, the capital city. It’s famous for its landmarks such as Lal Bagh, Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore Palace and Cubbon Park. It’s also well known for so many IT Companies.
  • I live in Mumbai, It’s a huge city international city. People from all over the world live and work there.

You could use following statements to complete this, “I’ve been living there for about four years since I fished university. It’s a pretty sleepy place, to be honest”.


  • I live in Binh Duong province, one of huge industry province in Vietnam.
  • Exactly my place live in Binh Duong is my Phuoc 1 industrial park, I have lived there since 2012 when I finished 4 years university.
  • It’s a place which attracts a lot of young people come due to there are a lot of jobs to apply.
  • It is very crowded and various cultures from the whole province in Vietnam.
  • This is one of main reasons and advantages that I’m living in my Phuoc 1 now.
  • But there is one of thing I don’t like in my Phuoc 1 is education.
  • I love English, I always try to find some chances to improve my skill, but it’s difficult to find out a good school, or center English in order to I can apply to learn more, so my skill English have upgraded too slowly.
  • My Phuoc 1 changed quite of a lot in the last 20 years, more and more factories have been built and air pollution has also more serious.


  • I live in Seoul.
  • it’s a massive and 24-hour city.
  • anywhere you go can meet people,
  • it’s very crowded, fast city and no sense of community.
  • so I’d like to live in a small city somewhere by the water.


  • I live in Alexandria,
  • it is a city on the Mediterranean sea coast.
  • Alexandria is considered the second capital of Egypt and one of the biggest ports in it.
  • It was founded by a Greek emperor called Alexander the great before Christ.
  • Alexandria has wonderful weather and beautiful natural scenes due to its location.
  • A lot of people come from all around the world to enjoy its weather and to see its landmarks.
  • Besides its economic importance, it has a cultural one.
  • Bibliotheca Alexandria is one of the most popular landmarks in Alexandria,
  • it contains different books from different countries in many languages.
  • In the fifties, Alexandria was a model example for a cosmopolitan city, Greeks, Italians, British and even Syrian people lived in it.
  • Alexandrian people are really humble, warm and life loving.
  • Many Egyptian artists arose in Alexandria for that reason they prefer holding cultural and artistic events in it in addition to movie shooting.


  • live in Ubonratchathani.
  • It’s a big city in the northeastern region of Thailand.
  • The city is close to two neighboring countries, Laos and Cambodia, so it’s got such a rich culture!
  • There are so many Buddhist temples around the city center and even in the countryside.
  • People here are very kind and helpful.
  • It’s a quiet and peaceful city.
  • The cost of living here is not very expensive as well.

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