Simple Present Tense Quiz

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Simple Present Tense Rules:

We use the simple present tense to express habits or if an action is happening right now, or if it happens every day like a daily routine.At the end of this post, you will find a simple present tense quiz.

This simple present tense quiz contains six questions and it’s for beginners. 

Simple Present Tense Quiz


  1. If the third person is singular then the verb always ends in -s:
    • He reads.
    • She likes.
    • Ramu goes.
  2. For Y ending verbs, in that case, the third person changes the -y to -ies:
    • a cry, cries.
    • accompany, accompanies.
    • apply, applies.
    • beautify, beautifies.
    • bury- buries.
    • carry, carries.
    • classify, classifies.
  3. For question statement and negative forms use does.
    • He wants Water.
    • Does he want Water?
    • He does not want Water.
  4. If there is a vowel before the -y:
    • pray, prays.
    • convey, conveys.
    • decay, decays.
    • delay, delays.
  5. Add -es to verbs ending in:-ss, -x, -sh, -ch
    • surpass, surpass.
    • toss, tosses.
    • address,  addresses.
    • bless, blesses.
    • clutch, clutches.
    • fax, faxes.
    • punish, punishes.

How To Form Simple Present Tense (Read/Write):

Form Simple Present Tense with verb Read and Write
Form Simple Present Tense with verb Read and Write

Affirmative                                   Interrogative                                  Negative

I Read.                                         Do I read?                                     I do not read.

You read.                                     Do you read?                                You do not Read.

He reads.                                     Does he read?                              He does not read.

She reads.                                  Does she read?                             She does not read.

It reads.                                       Does it read?                                It does not read.

We read.                                     Do we read?                                 We do not read.

They read.                                   Do they read?                               They do not read.

How To Form Simple Present Tense (Read/Write):

Affirmative.                                   Interrogative.                                  Negative.

I write.                                         Do I write?                                     I do not write

You write.                                    Do you read?                                You do not Read

He writes.                                    Does he write?                              He does not write.

She writes.                                   Does she write?                             She does not write.

It writes.                                      Does it write?                                It does not write.

We write.                                    Do we write?                                 We do not read.

They write.                                  Do they write?                              They do not write.

More Simple Present Tense Examples Sentences:

  1. My brother lives in Bangalore.
  2. He writes with his right hand.
  3. I do not know what he writes.
  4. He respects his elders.
  5. We read newspapers.
  6. They go to the USA for vacations every year.
  7. She goes to Canada on vacation every holiday.

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