How to improve your IELTS Speaking at Home

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2018)

IELTS Speaking : Learn the best way to improve your IELTS speaking for free at home. This lesson gives advice and tips to develop your fluency and other speaking skills to get a better score in your IELTS speaking test Learn how to improve your IELTS speaking answers based on the criteria used by the examiner in your IELTS test. For IELTS speaking topics and questions visit blog:

Video Series: IELTS Vocabulary Booster – 9 topics covered in one course!

Most IELTS students admit that writing is the hardest part of the exam. With this course, you are sure to improve your IELTS writing skills and score

With this course:

  • You will learn over 500 new words with the help of the easiest explanations on the 9 basic topics used in the IELTS Writing Task 2, which includes: education, health, environment, crime and punishment, food, art, globalization, technology, and outer space;
  • You will increase your IELTS score as quickly as possible, in only about 3+ hours, which it takes to watch the video and memorize the new words;
  • All video lectures are made to be simple, entertaining, and suitable for candidates with different learning habits.
Who is the target audience?
  • students planning to take IELTS exam
  • students willing to score high in IELTS writing section II
  • anyone who wants to expand English vocabulary

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Get 7-9 in IELTS Speaking: IELTS Speaking Masterclass

ratings 4.4/ 5.0 & 591 reviews
Price 85% off
students enrolled 3,722 students enrolled
Last updated 9/2017
Created by Nestor Kiourtzidis
  • Use advanced vocabulary and synonyms.
  • Improve your grammar and pronunciation
  • Give opinions and connect your ideas.
  • Deal with difficult questions.
  • Improve your speaking confidence.
  • Develop your answers and manage your time.
  • Answer any question, even if you don’t know what to say!

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