How To Use Prepositions With Go

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

Go to home or Go home:

One of the most confusing questions is that go to home is correct or not. Some people want to know I am going to home is correct or not. And some of them go to home or go home is grammatically correct. But all this leads to same grammar rules. That is Prepositions + Go.  Most of the student may have this confusion. What is the right way to use go with home? In this post, I will try to solve your problem systematically, how you could use you will understand why I go to home is said to be proper grammar.

Verb Go without any prepositions:

Sometimes we don’t need to use any prepositions with verb go. For examples, I’m going home and I’m going downtown. In this case, we don’t need to specify any prepositions like to or the or on , etc. We don’t need to use any proposition if are going to talk about various types of activities like shopping and swimming, Other verbs include dancing and fishing.

  • She’s going dancing.
  • He’s going swimming.
  • She’s going fishing.
  • He’s going shopping.
  1. Common Mistakes: I go to home. I returned to the home. I left home.
  2. Correct Sentence: I go home. I returned home. I left home.

So If you want to know more about this, then please check @

Verb go with to:

Sometimes we will use a preposition to in order to give more meaning to our statement, with a preposition to. They are, when we are going to talk about class, school, college, work, university, bed, prison, jail, Some time we will use to with cities like  Bangalore, Delhi or with countries like  India, Pakistan, or with continent like Asia, Europe.

  • We are going to Italy tomorrow.
  • She is going to Germany next month.
  • He is going to Bangalore next week.
  • I’m going to Bed.

Verb Go With to a:

Sometimes we need to use an after the preposition a. For examples, She is going to a party tomorrow or I’m going to a party today, or if you want to talk about a conference like She is going to a conference now. Also, we might use go to a with a statement like I’m going to a concert. We don’t know exactly which party or conference he is going to attend and hence we say she is going to a party. But if the person you are to talking to is already aware of the part or conference then you could say I’m going to the conference. and if they don’t know then the simply I’m going to a….

Verb Go With to the:

As we discuss we use going to the, if both of them are already aware of the topic, for example, you could say I’m going to the doctor or she is going to the bank, or they are going to the supermarket. We use them because we know the doctor or bank which we are talking about. also, we could use them, when we are talking about airport, mall, bus stop,

Verb Go With on:

We could say, go on when we talk about vacation, cruise, trip, the tour

  • she is going on a vacation.
  • she is going on a cruise.
  • He is going on a trip.
  • We are going on a tour.

Go With for:

There are no rules, an example is would you like to go for a walk or would you go for a drive. There are more prepositions which we could use with go. The listed are the most common examples

Now you must have some idea about the use of a preposition with the verb go. Now its time to check your understanding. Just try by using exercise go with prepositions

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