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(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)
Other books For IELTS

Price between 0 to 100:

Buy “IELTS: 10 Insider Tricks: Get our top insider tips and tricks to score a 7 or higher on the IELTS Exam” from amazon.

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Price: INR 0, which means it won’t cost you in kindle edition of amazon. In this book you will get many tips and tricks for IELTS exam. It is really new book in the market. Around five hundred copy are already sold out.

This book was created by Jessica Beck from All Ears English IELTS Expert. Jessica has very good experience in IELTS and she wrote more than 15 books regarding IELTS and English learning.

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Buy ” Common Mistakes at Ielts Intermediate and How to Avoid Them” from amazon at just INR 80. It can help you if you are unawares about common mistakes that you might do in writing part. It can be helpful only in writing task. As it is 80 rupees book, don’t expect more from this book.

Buy “Word Power Made Easy” at just under INR 90. One of the most rated English book ever. As you are going to write IELTS exam, you need wide range of vocabularies. This books is design to learn new vocabularies in systematic way.

I have one copy of this book, which I brought from local market. It is very cheap and best book. If you read the reviews about this book you could see around 90 % people rated it as the number one (out of 5000 people). I haven’t seen any reviews just like this. So if you want to learn new words and improve your vocabularies, no need to search for another book. You could buy this book without considering any other facts.

Please make a note that, it will only cost some 85 or 90 rupees, and there are around 400 plus pages are there, so the quality of the paper is not that much good. But still it is readable. One more point, this not a IELTS tips and tricks book. It is just a book for vocabularies. You could find some grammar related chapters and spelling rules.

Price between 100 to 200:

Buy “Essential English Grammar with Answers”, and learn English grammar. Raymond Murphy has written this book. This book deals extensively with English grammar. The book is prepared for beginners who have just started learning English and it is easy to understand. It will cost only INR 120. You could see very positive reviews about this book. It is an awesome book to learn English grammar. You won’t find any grammar book like this one.

As I told about “Word power made easy”, it is also very cheap book and hence the quality of paper is bad. But still you could read it. One more thing you need to notice that, there is no index page available for this book. It contain lots of examples and exerciser, but there is no enough explanation for each examples. It is a grammar book and not any IELTS specific book.

Buy “IELTS Essay Booster One Stop Destination for the Writing Module” from amazon at around INR 100 to INR 120. It is a paper book and it is not for the expert users, but still as a beginner you could read this book. 

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Only thing you need to notice is, it’s two year old book and there is no new version available for this book.

Buy “IELTS: A Masterpiece of Letters (First Edition, 2016)” At INR 180. This is the book written by Vinod Gambtoo. Like all other book which we described above, the content is really good and in my opinion,this book is helpful to those who really trying to improve their writing. But be careful with grammar. There were few sentences I found grammatically incorrect while reading.

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Buy IELTS Reading Tests (Academic Module) at amazon at INR 195. This a very old book, release in 2007.  This a dedicated book for reading especially Academic reading. This contain so many practical test papers, to test your understanding. Readers reviews about this book is some what average.

Price between 200 to 300:

Buy “A Masterpiece of Essays 3″ by by Vinod Gambtoo at INR 240. I don’t have this book, but there are some good reviews about this book in amazon. As I didn’t read this book, I don’t recommend to buy this, but still you could choose as it is giving lots of valuable information in just 240 rupees.

The best thing about this book is its a very new book, release in 2017. I haven’t seen any negative command about this book. Any way I will try to read this book and try to share my experience about this book.

If you already read this book , you could command your experience bellow this post , so that I can update it.


In this blog we listed some of the cheapest book that you could refer for learning English and preparing for IELTS. If you read any other book, and if you find it useful then pleas command it. I will try to include it.

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