IELTS Complain Letter Introduction

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Complaint About Train Delay, Letter for IELTS Exam:

Hi friends, in this post we will discuss how to write an introduction to IELTS complaint letter. I will try to list different situation, first, we will start with one simple topic. You all know that in India, most of the trains will be running late for hours, there might be hundred resonance behind this delays. So assume you faced some difficulties due to such kind of delay and this time you decided to write a complaint letter about this delay to any senior offices working in railway department. This post we will check introduction part of the letter, we won’t go into details. Let’s start. We will check how to start a complaint letter

Assume this happens at Bangalore city railway station and you were traveling to Delhi. The incident occurred on 25 Saturday 2017.

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to complain about a serious delay created at Bangalore railways station on 25th November. Last Saturday, I went to Delhi by Sampark Kranti express to attend my final year degree exam. However, there was a small dispute between railway staff and some of the passengers at the time of departure regarding emergency track repairs. Some of the staff of railway were assaulted by a passenger from Mysore and all the staff went on an immediate strike which was called off only after three hours. Because of this issue, I was late for four hours when I reached Delhi.

Assume if you are going to complain about an issue happen in a metro station, you could start like this, I am writing this letter to complain about a serious delay created at Indiranagar metro station or any other metro station.

So you might understand how to start a complain letter.

Please read more about how to use in, on and at to talk about time and place.

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