How to Solve IELTS Recent Exam Questions

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2017)

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Well, we are not going to list any answer here, What we are going to do is, we will teach you how you could solve IELTS reading problem yourself. So if you got a reading paragraph how you should approach it. Well, we will see some of the tricks IELTS exam will play with you.

We will list some sentences that might appear in your question and not in your answer. In answer, you might see the different statement with almost same meaning.  How you could prepare, Whenever you read something in English, it’s a good idea to write useful vocabularies in a paper. Also write the related words too. For example, do you know which verb is usually used with the noun?

Let’s see twenty sentences from reading a paragraph. We should have a clear idea about the meaning of these kinds of statements.

  1. Summary.
  2. Ask.
  3. Eliminate.
  4. Spoken.
  5. has great value.
  6. Older women.
  7. A Recent search reveals.
  8. priorities your work.
  9. Appear.
  10. A period away from the task.
  11. On a daily basis.
  12. At least 50 percent.
  13. Constructions.
  14. Held up.
  15. Local industries.
  16. Cancer.
  17. Social status.
  18. Deny.
  19. Defile.
  20. Liberty.
  21. Tryst.

In our question, some time we won’t find exact words or sentences. So we should be able to figure out which one we need to pick. So which are the corresponding value we could expect from above are listed in sequential order. There might be more words similar to the listed above. The only thing we could do with this type of questions is, improve our English skills by learning more synonyms for simple words, Also learn how to use them in different situations.

  1. Overview.
  2. inquire.
  3. Weed out.
  4. Oral.
  5. Will produce massive benefit.
  6. Elderly women.
  7. Our growing understanding.
  8. Tackle most significant task first.
  9. Emerge.
  10. Take a break.
  11. Every day.
  12. 50 percentage or more.
  13. Building.
  14. Delays.
  15. Industries in the area.
  16. Serious health problem.
  17. Social settings.
  18. Refuse.
  19. Pollute.
  20. freedom.
  21. Meeting.

Now let’s see some of the lists you could use. By practicing every day you could master in this. Now just check how to solve IELTS recent exam question with this method. Let’s see this statement.

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Solve IELTS Recent Exam Questions

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