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(Last Updated On: November 30, 2017)
Three Questions
IELTS Speaking Questions

Topic 1: Should Students Wear Uniform?

  • I think there are more positive than drawback when it comes to the uniform.

  • It is true that uniforms limit what the students have to choose to wear to school, but it doesn’t limit them from studying.

  • It is especially useful if the school have lots of students from a different level of society, as well as that I think it is good if every one wear same uniform and everyone looks the same then, then students also understand they all are equal.

  • Also if a students make any problems, people can easily recognize them and inform the school.

  • So school uniform also can prevent students misbehave outside of school as well.

  • There are few people who think that school uniforms should not be required.

  • The truth is school uniform has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • It all depends on what people think about it. They have theirs on point of view.

Topic 2: How technology change people life?

  • I think technology has changed peoples life a lot of ways.

  • I think the biggest changes are been the way we interact with people other people.

  • For example, if you want to send a mail, in the past it will take days or weeks to send and receive a mail whereas now it is a matter of seconds. U just need to write and send it.

  • If you lost your direction, in past you would have to ask someone, where to go, But now if you have a smartphone it could give accurate directions, with details like how far your destination, how long it will take to reach there, the best route to get there.
  • Another example is learning something. In the past, if you want to learn something, you have to ask someone for advice. But now if you have an internet connection it could give all the answers you need to know.

  • Our smartphone can teach you anything, they can give any information you need. So I think this day’s people are less relaying to another people for advice because they have all the information they need.

  • So I believe technology has changed peoples life drastically.

Topic 3: English Conversation Skills, interrupting:

From this post, you will learn how to use following vocabularies.

  1. Sorry.

  2. Can I just say something?

  3. Sorry to cut you off.

  4. Sorry to interrupt.

  5. Can I say something?

  6. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help overhear your conversation.

  7. I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation.

  8. I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.

  9. I’m sorry I have to jump in here.

  10. I’m sorry I have to jump in here and tell you.

  11. I’m really sorry for interrupting again, but could I just say something?

Topic 4: What type of advertisement is popular in your country?

  • In India, we could see different types of ads. But most common types of ads words are definitely online.

  • I see video ads words when I see YouTube videos.

  • I see ads words when I read news on news website when I try to read articles.

  • Also on TV, every twenty to thirty minutes there is an ad word.

  • It’s loud and its very attention growing.

  • All the most popular ads words these days tend to have animals or catchphrase, something sticks in your minds.

  • As well as when I wait for train stations or bus stop, there is often a poster advertising new films or new smartphone or a new technology.

Command your answers to this three questions. We will review it.

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