IELTS Vocabulary for Sports

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2017)

In this post, we will discuss IELTS Vocabulary for Sports. It is good to have a strong vocabulary for answering IELTS speaking sections.

Player Name Vocabularies:

  • Cricket player.

  • Football player.

  • Tennis player.

  • Basketball player.

  • Volleyball player.

Cricket Vocabularies:

  • Run.

    • This the points scored by a team. A batsman can score run by hitting boundaries like six and fours or batsmen running from one end of the wicket to the other after one of them has hit the ball.
  • Run out.
    • This one way of losing wickets. If a team have ten wickets, which means eleven people can bat.
  • Six.

  • This a boundary hit by a player, without touching the ground. A batsman score six runs for this.

  • Century.

    • If a batsman scored 100 runs it is called a century. Example “A century for Murali Vijay” or “A century for Sachin”.
  • Pitch.
    • This was usually bowler and batsman play.
  • Four.

    • This is another kind of boundaries scored by a batsman, and batsman scores four runs for this.
  • Ground.
    • This is the place where the match playing.
  • Boundary.

    • This is the border of a playground. If a batsman manages to hit over this boundary he could score either six or four.
  • Test match.

    • This is a special type of match. This match takes five days to complete. each team will get two chances to bat & boll.
  • One day match: 

    • This is the common cricket match. In this match, there will be 50 overs. and each team will get one chance to bat and boll.
  • Twenty 20 matches.

    • This is the shortest form of one day match in which the number of over is reduced to 20 and time is restricted to 3 to 4 hours.
  • Fielder.

    • A player on the bowling team. His main aim will reduce the chance of scoring runs and prevent boundaries. He could take wicket either by catching boll or by taking run out.
  • Batsman.

    • A player in batting team.
  • Bowler. 

    • Active player who throw boll towards the batsman.
  • Boll. 

    • In Cricket we call it is a cricket ball, it is similar to a tennis ball.
  • Bat.

  • LBW.
    • This one way of losing wickets. Usually, occur if the ball hit on batsman’s leg. It is called as leg before wicket.

Football vocabularies:

  • Defense.

    • Those football players who try to defend scoring goals.
  • League.

    • It is a professional football league consisting of a number of teams.
  • Penalty.

    • A penalty is a sanction called against a team for a violation of the rules.
  • Red card.

    • If a player has accumulated two yellow cards over the course of a match then it is equal to a red card.
  • Offside.
    • Offside is a foul in which a player is on the wrong side of the line.
  • Goal.

    • In short, it is the point in football.
  • Foul.

    • Fouls and misconduct in football.
    • That means those acts committed by players which are deemed by the referee to be unfair.
  • Substitute.

    • Substitute is replacing one player with another during a match.
  • Yellow card.

    • If you commit any fouls, you might get a yellow card as a worming. This worming is called yellow card.
  • Goalkeeper.
    • In normally goalkeeper is a designated player charged with directly preventing the opposing team from scoring.
  • Striker.

    • A striker is Forwards players on an association football team, dedicated to scoring.
  • Captain.
    • Also known as the skipper.
    • He is a team member who will control the entire match of one team.

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