Most Common Vocabularies For IELTS

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)


Meaning: Causing great surprise/wonder/astonishing.

Examples :

  • Google Spurs Amazing Robot Race To The Moon.
  • Ramu, said: ‘It was amazing, really amazing’.
  • “It was amazing,” Ramu said Sunday afternoon.
  • It is an amazing job.
  • I mean, what an amazing moment.

Similar words of Amazing:

  • Incredible:
    • President launches Incredible India 2.0 Campaign.
    • Ramu: Our response to Rahul is “incredible”.
    • ‘Incredible story’ of ordinary North-east people who defended.
    • so many incredible people.
    • Check Out This Incredible Mars City.
  • Unbelievable:
    • The ‘Unbelievable’ Power Of Nuclear Bombs, Caught On Film.
    • The 10 Most Unbelievable Things That Happened to a boy.
  • Improbable:
    • Data center disasters: Preparing for the improbable.
    • An Improbable Journey to Canada.
    • Improbable odds put frequent lottery winners in crosshairs.
    • Others called his run improbable.
    • Frequent lottery winners face improbable odds.
  • Fabulous:
    • Ten Travel Tips from Fabulous Fitness Instructors.
    • When did Joanna Lumley first star in Absolutely Fabulous?
    • Hardik Pandya was fabulous, says Steve Smith.
    • It’s a fabulous time to plant.
    • Fabulous is my favorite word.
  • Wonderful:
    • Thanks for a wonderful documentary on A Better Chance.
  • Fantastic:
    • ‘Another Fantastic Week’:
    • Enjoy a Fantastic Christmas at Landon.
  • Astonishing:
    • It’s astonishing that we still don’t know what Brexit will mean.
  • Astounding.
  • Extraordinary.


  • Enrage
    • It may enrage drivers who are already waiting in a long line.
  • Infuriate:
    • Mr. A’s intervention will infuriate Mrs. B.
  • Arouse:
    • That conference fails to arouse interest.
  • Nettle:
    • Nettles are not often listed amongst people’s favorite plants.
  • Exasperate:
    • You exasperate me with your whimsical ways.
  • Inflame:
    • They become inflamed by music as by a drug.


  • Mad:
    • As the world goes mad, I’ve noticed more kindness.
  • Furious:
    • A is FURIOUS over this X Factor B.
  • Enraged:
    • Enraged customer shoots cops at BMW dealership.
  • Excited.
  • Wrathful.
  • Indignant.
  • Exasperated.
  • Aroused..
  • Inflamed.


  • Replay.
  • Respond.
  • Retort.
  • Acknowledge.


  • Question.
  • Inquire of.
  • Seek information from.
  • Put a question to.
  • Demand.
  • Request.
  • Expect to inquire.
  • Query.
  • Interrogate.
  • Examine.
  • Quiz.


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