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In this blog, we will check some of the best book available in the market for preparing IELTS exam. There are many books based on IELTS exam. We are going to discuss about Official Cambridge Guide. You could buy this books either from Flipkart or Amazon. I will try to list all the links to buy from Amazon and Flipkart.

Also, we will check how these books are organized, What kind of tips and tricks each books providing and price range of each book. Try to buy this book during any offer. You could find very good reviews about this book in online website like Amazon and Flipkart. Please read recent reviews about this book and let me know if you find any negative reviews.

Four IELTS Books
Best Four Books For IELTS

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Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS reviews :

Official Cambridge Guide provides you with general guidance. It covers all the four section of IELTS exam. You could find many good examples for each section like reading part and writing part. There are lots of tips arranged in a very systematic way for speaking part of IELTS as well as for listening. There are many standardized practical tests for the academic module and for the general one.

I bought this book from Amazon. It’s really very nice, there are around 400 to 500 pages are there. You could find many useful example and tips. It also provides audio and video materials for enhancing our learning experience. Whichever website you refer, you will find this book as mandatory one for IELTS exam. All the students and teacher listing this as the number one. Even I also suggest this book.

This book provides me a lot of information about the IELTS. It helps me to improve my English by practicing a lot of questions and also with the help of the audios and videos provided along with it. The price is always changing. Sometimes it is available for 675 and some time with 725. Check both Amazon and Flipkart if you are buying from India.

Today you could Buy this book from Amazon @ RS 395. There is an offer for this book. 

About the Book:

As I told you, it contains 400 plus pages. Let’s see how these pages are organized. First 40 pages are discussing listening part of IELTS exam. This will give a clear insight into IELTS listening part. These include identifying the direction, understanding a conversation, recognizing the name of person and place. It also covers common topics like process and actions. After completing this section you will be able to understand differences between opinion, instruction, request, and attitudes. It includes few audio conversation which is very useful for the final section of listening.

This book will give you lot’s of valuable information for improving your reading score. Like listening part this session also contain around 40 pages, which is starting from page 42 to page 84. This part begins by explaining different strategies to be followed while attending a reading session. after reading first few pages of reading you will understand when to use skim reading and when to use speed reading. This will also explain how to search for specific keyword inside a paragraph. If you read this entire session you will be able to solve all the reading questions like, multiple choice and labeling a map.

Next 80 plus pages are dedicated to improving your writing skills. Fist 40 pages cove academic part while the second set will cover general writing part of your exam. You may already know that, if you are writing an academic exam, you have to write an essay about a chart. You need to write a formal or informal letter with 150 plus words if you are writing a general exam. This will also explain how to proceed with essay correction and expressing your points clearly. If you read and understand this part you will get enough confidence to write an essay. You will learn how to link your idea in a systematic way.

Around 30 plus pages will give you a clear idea of speaking part. It will explain how to start a talk, and how to talk about any topics, how to elaborate your points. while talking some topic you may feel some difficulties, and this book will explain to you how to deal with problems, that might occurs while giving a speech.

Around 150 plus pages are dedicated to giving you real test experiences. There are around six or seven test papers which will give you real experiences. At the end of the book, you could find sample answers for this test. I could say, this book is intended to provide a comprehensive guide to IELTS exam.

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Other books For IELTS.


In IELTS exam you need to show your skill in listening, writing, reading and speaking. You need to improve your skill in all this section. You could 100’s of books, but don’t just stuck with books. We have lots of website and Facebook pages, We need to use all this resource properly to enhance our learning experience. We will try to share good vocabularies for improving your English learning. Check our popular post regarding vocabularies.

Today you could Buy this book from Amazon @ RS 395. There is an offer for this book. 

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Please comment your choice. What is your favorite book?Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Read more about affiliate links of tipsIELTS.

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