100 sentences of simple past tense Sentences

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2018)

We could see 100’s of sentences of simple past tense. Which might be the largest collections of simple past tense examples.

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  1. I wrote a letter to my friend yesterday.
  2. She wrote a book last week.
  3. Last year, he wrote an article about artificial intelligence.
  4. Last week I read this article.
  5. She read my letter yesterday.
  6. yesterday I walked in the park.
  7. She walked with me yesterday.
  8. Last week, they walked to an airport.
  9. I didn’t write any book.
  10. she didn’t go to the office.
  11. He didn’t read a newspaper.
  12. They didn’t play football.
  13. I had dinner.
  14. You had your lunch.
  15. She did not have any money.
  16. You did not have any time.
  17. I saw her in the park, last Sunday.
  18. I drank a lot last night.
  19. She ate yesterday.
  20. The salesman sold five bikes last week.


  1. A car crashed in the accident.
  2. Doctors distributed vaccine for polio.
  3. The government approved my pending bills.
  4. He added some sugar to the tea.
  5. I accompanied her to a new office.
  6. I advised them to take rest for some time.
  7. I answered all questions, in that exam.
  8. I applied for the exam.
  9. Last week I avoided her.
  10. I captured new photos of a mountain.
  11. I agreed to come early.
  12. I allowed her to stay there.
  13. I appeared for the exam, last week.
  14. She accepted all her mistakes.
  15. She achieved success in the last exam.
  16. She admitted her mistakes.
  17. She afforded that lose.
  18. She announced the results of last year final exam.
  19. She apologized for her mistakes.
  20. She approached the gate.
  21. She asked to stay there.
  22. She behaved well in the meeting.
  23. she congratulated her for the success.
  24. she convinced her.
  25. Yesterday she cooked nice food for the guest.
  26. Last week she danced with me.
  27. She disappeared into the dark.
  28. Some antisocial disturbed the journey to a mall.
  29. They adjusted all settings of my computer.
  30. They argued each other, about the social security bill.
  31. They betrayed us.
  32. They damaged an entire building.
  33. They decorated office at Christmas.
  34. They denied approving new rules.
  35. They destroyed that image.
  36. They detached that parts from the machine.
  37. They all escaped from prison.
  38. They fixed all my problems.
  39. They forgot to check my bag.
  40. They extended our contracts for one more year.
  41. We calculated all the profits from that sales.
  42. We conducted a new survey about social security.
  43. We converted all our droller to euro.
  44. We copied important files into a hard disk.
  45. We decided to go there.
  46. We deleted unnecessary files from our computer.
  47. We discovered all the planet around the sun.
  48. We discussed new plans for that business.
  49. We downloaded music from the database.
  50. We educated all of them to operate new machines.
  51. We excluded some of the members of the board.
  52. We finished lunch at 8 pm.
  53. We fished at 5 pm.
  54. We flew to London.
  55. We concluded our meeting with a to-do list.
  56. We expanded our list by including few more people.
  57. Ramu went to Kerala.
  58. I lived Bangalore for four years.
  59.  We talked on the skype.
  60. She mailed the reports.


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