100 Sentences Of Simple Present Tense

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2018)

First 50 sentences of simple present tense:

All these examples are using subject I and verb form as a base and some object.

Example Sentences
Sentences Of Simple Present Tense
  1. I answer all questions.
  2. I face all the difficulties.
  3. I forgive all the mistake.
  4. I forget the answer.
  5. I distribute answer sheets.
  6. I count books.
  7. I describe answers.
  8. I catch a ball.

  1. I brush before breakfast.
  2. I celebrate a birthday.
  3. I donate blood.
  4. I burn books.
  5. I cook breakfast.
  6. I approach bus stop.
  7. I derive car.
  8. I educate children.
  9. I change clothes.
  10. I collect coins.
  11. I close the computer.
  12. I finish a course.
  13. I consult a doctor.
  14. I come early.
  15. I boil eggs.
  16. I calculate equations.
  17. I download files.

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Simple Present Tenses Example And Structure
Simple Present Tenses Example And Structure
  1. I bat first.
  2. I divide food.
  3. I dress formally.
  4. I beat her.
  5. I beautify her.
  6. I bet her.
  7. I call her.
  8. I canvass her.
  9. I challenge her.

  10. I confuse her.
  11. I congratulate her.
  12. I disturb her.
  13. I find her.
  14. I enter a home.
  15. I carry id card.
  16. I capture images.
  17. I chat in WhatsApp.
  18. I board in class.
  19. I dance in functions.
  20. I fish in the lake, not in the sea.
  21. I believe in true.
  22. I avoid the last exam.
  23. I consider the last result.
  24. I display marks.
  25. I complete MBA.


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  2. Title: Present Simple vs Present Continuous – Learn English Tenses (Lesson 1).

First 20 sentences in simple present tense:

  1. I correct mistakes.
  2. I charge mobile.
  3. I earn money.
  4. I give money.
  5. I awake morning.
  6. I click the mouse button.
  7. I declare my incomes.
  8. I disclose my incomes.
  9. I express my opinion.

  10. I decorate my room.
  11. I empty my valet.
  12. I create a new idea.
  13. I discuss new ideas.
  14. I afford a new loan.
  15. I allow a new member to enter.
  16. I discover a new planet.
  17. I construct a new room.
  18. I delete old files.
  19. I destroy old Furniture.
  20. I comment on Facebook.

Second 20 sentences in simple present tense:

  1. I buy pen.
  2. I draw pictures of elephants.
  3. I behave properly.
  4. I ask a question.
  5. I act quick.
  6. I abash Ramu.
  7. I copy result.
  8. I become rich.
  9. I go school.
  10. I check the score.
  11. I attack the snake.
  12. I feel sorry.
  13. I decrease stocks.
  14. I escape that accident.
  15. I bite that cake.
  16. I attend that case.
  17. I apologize for that mistake.
  18. I approve that request.
  19. I agree that rules.
  20. I compare the results.

Last 10 sentences in simple present tense:

  1. I advise them to quit cigarettes.
  2. I decide to attend an interview.
  3. I favor to human.
  4. I belong to Muslim.
  5. I delay responding.
  6. I build toys.
  7. I enjoy vacations.
  8. I bury wastes.
  9. I dump wastes.
  10. I drink water.
  11. I connect with Facebook.
  12. I accept your point.


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