How To use Words With ei and ie

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)
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Sample words with ie and ei

Words with ei and ie exercises:

There are so many reasons for making a spelling mistake. I use to make a lot of spelling mistakes. I use to make spelling mistake even if I’m writing a small word like write, read, different, very, reason etc. Just like there was 1000’s of words. And how I control this mistakes and reduced to maybe some 10’s or 50’s, we won’t be able to check all those points here. What we will do is we will check few cases like ei and ie, where we will use some rules. At the end, we could check our knowledge as exercise. The expertise of EI and IE contain 15 questions.

So if you are expecting any shortcut to resolving this issues from me, I’m really sorry. My personal opinion is to address this issues one by one. There are many reasons which we need to address.

In this post, I will try to resolve issues with a word which contain ie or ei. When we write words with ie and ei we are highly confused. Many people don’t know which one we need to use. It is very difficult to learn this words as there is no perfect pattern. The only thing we could do is to memorize this words.Next options is to use following formula.

I followed by E:

when the word sound is like Eee, we could use I before E, even though there are few exceptions. See this examples and samples sentences.

  • Deceive,  Eighth,  Either,  Foreign,  Height,  Neighbour,  Perceive
  • receive,  seize,  their, weigh,  weird,  freight,  sleigh,  weight,
  • vein, weigh,  caffeine,  height,  leisure,  seize,  ceiling,  conceive,
  • conceited,  deceive.
10 Examples with ei or ei
More Examples Words

E followed by I:

If it sounds like AY instead Eee, or presence of C (If C appear and “sound like cei” before this Eee sound) in both cases we should use ie. Just read this words and examples.

  1. ancient,  die,  yield,  belief,  believe,  review
  2. married,  grief,  friend,  obedient,  experience,  convenient
  3. patience,    species,  belief,  believe,  brief,  chief,  field,
  4. hygiene,  niece,  priest,  relieved,  thief,  tier  achievement
  5. achieve,  mischievous,  conscientious,  conscience.


I before E:

  1. Church late to find its conscience on abuse.
  2. Will people now believe anything?

Except before C:

  1. How agents can maximize profit through seizing property.
  2. Don’t take it seriously either.
  3. Hart is a master of sleight of hand.
  4. I always check receipt.
  5. I have received a gift.

Unless it sounds like A:

  1. Roach infestation causing concern for neighbors.
  2. Parents weigh in on Ramus’s proposed transgender policy.

Now its time to check your understanding in words with ei and ie exercises. This exercise contains 15 questions.

words with ei and ie exercises

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