Best Ways To Improve Your Ielts Speaking Skills

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

Best Ways To Improve Your IELTS Speaking Skills:

The best way is to improve your speaking skill is to speak, speak English. But there are few questions we need to address before we start to speak.

  • Speak what topic?
  • How to find relevant words or vocabularies for describing any topic that you are going to talk?
  • Speak with whom?
  • How to improve it your speaking day by day?

Let see how we could address this simple issues. Don’t worry this is simple issues and we have enough solutions for all these listed problems. We help you to solve all these listed problems. Just continue reading this post. Once you finish this post you will have an answer to all these doubts.

What to speak:

In order to talk we always need a topic. Without any topic, we couldn’t process our discussions. Some of the common topics we could discuss while talking in English are given bellow.

  • Discuss your family.
  • Discuss any holiday in your country.
  • Talk about your work and office.
  • Discuss your government and politics.
  • Discuss about internet and entertainments.
  • Discuss movies and music.
  • Discuss news and books.

We could discuss thousands of such topics. But when you start talking about any topic, you will find some difficulties. The most common problems are sentence structure and vocabularies. You could use our grammar session to learn basic details about English grammar.

How to find vocabularies:

You could find lots of words and vocabularies to improve your English speaking in our words section. This is a dedicated category for learning English vocabularies. Here you could find lots of words to talk about different ideas like vocabularies to talk about your hobbies and free time or vocabularies to discuss your personality or personality of people around you.

The second best way is to find vocabularies are internet and dictionaries. Pick any topic and search on google for relevant vocabularies for any topic you want to learn. Get few of them. Understand its meaning and context, when you could use this word, and how you could use them all.

Check following links for vocabularies:

Best Ways To improve Your Ielts Speaking Skills
Best Ways To improve Your IELTS Speaking Skills

Speak with whom:

The most important and most difficult part is this. To find a perfect partner for speaking. My personal suggestion is to use social media like twitter or Facebook or WhatsApp to find people and call them through skype or IMO. You could use our WhatsApp group to find speaking partner. Just share your number with our mail id. You could check our mailing address and other contacting details at our contact us page.

Next options are to talk to yourself. Record your video or audio and just check how good you are at speaking. Though we hear ourselves all the time, we really don’t know quite well,  what we sound like. So record yourself, try to listen to your own audio. What is your weakness while talking in English, and strong points you hear in your speech? And then you can concentrate on which part you need to work on.

How to improve your conversions: 

Now you may have some idea what to talk, and with whom you could talk. but the most important thing is to improve your speaking. So always review what you just discussed. If you felt some doubts about the usage of any words or any sentence structure, use google or other books to correct it.

Other Tips You Need to Check While Talking:

  1. Try to talk as much as you can. At first, you might face some difficulties. But day by day you will improve your level of speaking.

  2. Talking at length it is very important. If someone asks you about something, you could say yes or no or some basic words and you could convince them. But that won’t work here. Try to talk as much as possible.

  3. Talking without pauses or hesitations. Yes, it is not easy especially at the beginning. But don’t worry, if you follow all these points systematically it will give 100 % results.

  4. Use different vocabularies (Don’t use common vocabulary). Try to learn at least ten new words every day.

  5. Don’t make any grammar errors. At the beginning, you might make lots of error, it’s obvious. But try to reduce day bay day. Try to learn some basic grammar before you start to speak. Then day bay day tries to improve your level.

  6. Use proper sentence structures. It is very importation to use proper sentence structure while talking in English. Don’t stick with simple sentences, try to use more complex and compound sentences in your conversations.

  7. Use proper tenses. This is also very important. If you are using the wrong tense you conversions become meaningless.

  8. Able to be understood. Our ultimate aim should convince our idea about something to someone else.

  9. Talk as fluently as possible and be spontaneous.

  10. Talking without self-corrections. It is obvious that people might make mistake while talking. But don’t put much effort to correct it at that time. instead, correct it after your conversation or try to understand the exact grammatical format of that sentences.

  11. Relax, be confident and enjoy using your English.

  12. Develop your answers. In each conversion try to learn new ideas and vocabularies.

  13. Ask for clarification if necessary. Sometime you won’t understand everything you hear. So don’t hesitate to ask clarification. Understand situation properly before start talking.

  14. Express your opinions, you will be assessed on your ability to communicate.

  15. The examiner’s questions tend to be fairly predictable.

  16. Use online tools and apps if necessary. You could find many useful materials to learn on our website as well as in Google. We will try our best to provide quality materials for improving your communications skills.
  17. Improve your vocabularies list in each call. Call means our skype call. So let’s start our journey. It’s free of cost. The only thing you need to dedicate yourself to learn. We are happy to help you. feel free to contact us.

Please command if you have any queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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