Words to Describe an Accident

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)
Words for accident


In this post, we will learn words and phrase required to explain an accident. Also, we will check how to describe an accident scene. What are the common statement people are using to explain an accident? Most of the time we will be using simple past or past perfect tense to explain an accident. So if you have a clear idea about English grammar, especially simple past tense, then you could easily understand all this statement.

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Let’s start with basic words. In order to describe an accident, you have to explain where it happens and when. You could explain anyone died in the accident or not. How many people injured in that accident.

So a perfect statement would look like ” One person was killed Friday early morning in a car accident in Hoskote, about 27 km north of Bangalore”. Or the statement might be like that “A person was killed and five others were injured when a speeding car rammed into a pole at Hoskote on Friday”.

So what is common in this two statement. The first one is “Was killed”. This is the common word we could use to describe if someone died in an accident. A second thing you need to specify the name of the place, where the accident occurred.

Assume if multiple people died in the incident. Then we need to use “were” instead of “was”. For example, three persons, including a woman, were killed and 15 others injured when a private bus rammed over a car.

Another expression will be one person dead, five others injured in early morning crash in Hoskote.

To explain the place where the accident occurred, you could use the preposition in or at. We use the preposition “in” if we are going to talk about a big city or a town or even a country. If you are more specific about the place, then you could use a preposition at.

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Words To Explain a When and where Accident Occurred:

As you can see, in the above statement we used the word rammed, which means that roughly force something into place. Another word we used to explain the time when the accident occurred. In both description, it clearly mentioned that it occurred Friday. The first statement is more specific. It is specifying an exact time (not exact, but somewhat).

Let’s see one more statement “The accident occurred on the Hoskote-KR Puram road at 6.15 a.m”. This is very specific about time and place. It says that accident occurred at 6.15.

How the accident occurred: 

There can be different resonance for an accident. Check few statement, five injured as car jumps off  KR Puram highway. As they were passing Hoskote on the KR Puram highway, the driver lost control of the vehicle and rammed into a pole. you could say how it happened with the following statement. As the driver was sleepy, he did not notice the pole and rammed it.

Some time accident occurs due to bad weather, see this heading “25 cars collide on Yamuna highway due to smog”. Over speed also make a problem.

Words to explain who involved in the accident:

Read this statement. “Police sources said that the six members of the family from Shivaji Nagar were returning from Chennai after attending a wedding party”. According to this statement, people are traveling from Chennai to Bangalore while this accident occurred. Total six members involved in this accident. All are part of the same family.

Similar statements: Rammu (24) was killed and his Wife Radha (24) was injured when a car hit their Bajaj bike. The car driver, Radha (24), sustained serious head wounds.

Statement to explain about treatment:

The driver of the car has been identified as Radha, 24, and is being treated at a private hospital in KR Puram. Rammu died instantly and police officials said Radha, who is being treated at a private hospital, is out of danger. Three men and four women sustained minor injuries.

Topic covered in this post is Words to Describe an Accident.

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Explain A train Accident:

Assume you want to talk about a train accident. This accident occurred near Shornur railway station in Kerala. Four people died and fifty-five injured. Accident occurred on Saturday morning, so you could say ” Four people were killed and fifty-five were injured after 10 coaches of train number 06053, Kochuveli – Mangaluru Jn derailed near Shornur railway station in Kerala early on Saturday morning.

Talk about compensation:

If government decide to distribute 10 lakh for the family of some died 3 lakh for injured people, then you could say, a compensation of Rs 10 lakh has been announced for the dead, also a compensation of Rs 3 lakh has been announced for injured.

Talk about victims:

Four of the victims were identified as Ramu and his father Sasi, his wife Radha, and his son Mamau from Kannur, Kerala.


The intention of this post to share some of the common vocabularies and words which we could use to describe an accident. Also to demonstrate how to use past tense to describe an accident in English. To read about English Grammar Related to IELTS click here.  Learn More About Sentence structure of Past tense click here.

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